About Us

Heso Design is a small, family business in Sussex which has been our lifelong ambition to start after nearly 30 years of working for various corporations.

It’s the sum of our joint skills and interests in design, technology, manufacturing and customer service. We do everything in-house from the design and manufacturing right through to the website and fulfilment. The majority of our products are made as needed using our Laser Cutter and finished my hand as necessary. 

Everything can be personalised – even our “Standard” products – just ask. As such, we pride ourselves in our “can-do” attitude and attention to detail. Customer service is ingrained in what we do.

Heso Design are constantly adding new products to our portfolio. If you have any specific requests that you don’t see on our website, then please feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to help. We are happy to assist with bespoke requirements or requirements that could form standard products down the line.

Where does the name come from? From our Children’s initials. We want them to be involved as we continue this journey both together and with our customers…

Thanks for visiting.

Geoff & Alison